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Kansas City Style 29 Point BBQ Rub

Kansas City Style 29 Point BBQ Rub

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    Out here in the Wild West just mention “Kansas City” and barbeque comes to mind. The heartland of America describes Kansas City BBQ as being the absolute best! It’s not the quality of Kansas City Barbeque that makes it unique, it’s the geography. In other regions BBQ joints are often separated by hundreds of miles. Not the case here as the Kansas City region has the greatest concentration of barbeque joints of any place in America; more than 100 to be exact. Kansas City style is always slow smoked for several hours and over wood, usually hickory. Kansas City Style barbeque usually focuses on pork, pork ribs and chicken. Most commercial renditions of K.C. barbeque sauces can overdo the sugar. Our dry rub balances sweet with spice, “round” in flavor. Our recipe for creating the Kansas City sauce mirrors the classic style which is thick n’ sticky! 4.00oz. (113g)

    Traditional Woods Used:
    Hickory, Pecan Cherry or Apple are great choices for this style. Try a combination of these wood types.Traditional Uses:

    • Pork
    • Pork Ribs
    • Chicken