We Are Wild About Flavor!

Our Story

Our Story

In early 2007 I started reading food labels and began educating myself about ingredients and what is actually being put into our food and why? Those ingredients that are often times difficult to pronounce, and what I would define as chemicals are basically Additives, Preservatives, Flavor Enhancers, and other hidden ingredients such as MSG. There is much debate about whether or not these ingredients are all bad, but after spending countless hours in research, I believe there are adverse effects for long term use in consuming foods that are highly processed.

Let’s Define Processed Foods:

Processed Foods make up 70% of the U.S. diet and has very little nutritional value. In the world of manufactured food, Processed means convenience to the consumer, adding additional ingredients that are usually not pronounceable and changing the food from its original natural state in order to extend the shelf life.

Passionate About the Craft:

I made the decision to eliminate foods, brands and products that were highly processed. After eliminating so much I realized that the alternative options for the consumer were for the most part non-existent in the food industry. I began my research and experimental product development to see if it was possible to have flavor without additives and could the product be healthy or would you have to sacrifice one for the other?

Driven by my passion, I wanted to be a part of the solution in the food industry. In October, 2007 I launched my Company, The Zesty Moose which offers healthier alternative products suitable for home cooks to chefs. We are Wild About Flavor! We started out with nine original blends and today, we now have well over 150 specialty crafted blends and products! We believe in Brand Ownership! That is why transparency about the ingredients we are using remains a priority. Our brand promise guarantees we are never using any MSG, Fillers or Preservatives in our products. Excessive amounts of sugar and salt are not added in order to cut costs. All of our products are Gluten-Free.

My expertise in recipe development has given us the ability to create original recipes for all of our products; and also incorporate the use of fresh ingredients. You will find recipes on our site.