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Habanero Orange Finishing Salt

Habanero Orange Finishing Salt

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    This one has it all! A sweet, cool blast of mint, tangy orange and the “fruity” aromatic flavor and heat of the habanero makes this a delicious and unusual combination of flavors. That is why it pairs nicely with food containing tropical fruits, vegetables, meats, fish or pasta. Use your imagination! 1.90oz. (54g)

    Favorite Uses For:

    • Fish
    • Chicken
    • Grilled Vegetable / Peppers
    • Calabasita
    • Kabobs

    A Finishing Salt is a sea salt that has been blended together with various herbs and/or spices. These gourmet blends are then paired up with food and are used on dishes after it has been prepared, or near the end of cooking. The result improves the flavor, aroma, texture, appearance and can become a regular gourmet addition to your meals.