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Grater & Dipping Plate

Grater & Dipping Plate

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    Grater and dipping plate features functional centre raised ridges for grating garlic or your favorite EVOO pairings. Grate flavorings such as ginger, shallots, nutmeg, nuts, chocolate, hard cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Also try zesting citrus fruits. Pour your finest extra virgin olive oil, next drizzle with balsamic vinegar and serve with fresh baked crusty bread.

    • Round plate with gradual raised perimeter featuring center spiral pattern raised "teeth" for grating garlic (or other root vegetables, hard cheeses, chocolate and more!) and recessed to mix with olive oil
    • Grated garlic/foods provide more flavor than chopping and retain their healthful antioxidant benefits versus cooking
    • Made of high quality porcelain; dishwasher safe
    • Packaged dimensions approx. 5.75" x 6.0" x 1.25" Plate diameter 5.3"