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    Chives are the smallest member of the onion family. This herb is believed to be originated from China and has a light aroma and a spicy flavor. Chives are good with avocados, cream cheese, egg dishes, fish and seafood, potatoes, smoked salmon, root vegetables, soups and zucchini. Add them near the end of cooking or as a garnish, as their flavor dissipates with heat.

    Our Herbs and Spices are sourced directly from the farmers and growers and are wildcrafted or cultivated without the use of commercial pesticides and fertilizers. We use these in all of our seasoning blends and are consistently turning our inventory, assuring freshness. We keep it out of the air and light until we fill your jar for maximum potency! Order with our 4 oz Square Mason jar that are debossed with gradation/volume markings  helping them to stand out on the shelf , or order in the bag to refill your jars.